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Lirói Dinquins

    Can I play Riki support in my pubs or will I get reported for it?

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      We answered the question and gave tips on it here:

      Personally, I think as long as you are at least in a 2-stack, it should work well enough to not be considered griefing.


        @Lirói Dinquins I've played it my last three ranked games and I've gotten flamed for picking it every time, but I pretty much carried each game on my back anyway. I'd say pick it and let people say what they want before you can prove them wrong


          I was flamed for not giving a tango fast enough to my offlane Axe last week. He brought 6 iron branches to lane, had clarities in his backpack, and proceeded to feed into the lane to the tune of a 1-8 start. I wouldn't worry too much about internet opinions.

          Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

            Riki stole Nyx assassin's job. Better range disable, AOE control, multi-escape mechanism and all of it are low cooldown spells.