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Your Dad's Dildo

    I'm finding bat rider as a good lina answer

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        Doesn't Silencer work well against Lina?

        Also this patch was mediocre; turbo matches running more than 30 minutes and cavern crawl wasn't that rewarding.


          Inb4 muerta is the lina counter


            Can you show the exclusive Arcanas like the one from Skeleton King from the TI10 BP in matches like this one please?

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              I'd love to hear more of the reasoning behind whyy Lina is so powerful, because her PUB-winrate is hovering somewhere around 48%. How come the hero is apparently a must-pick for pros but not for scrubs? She doesn't seem like a lot of the other low-floor/high-ceiling heroes like Meepo or Chen that demand a lot of micro, or the complex skill-shot based heroes like Earth Spirit.

              I'm clearly missing something here.

              Lirói Dinquins

                Lina has a nearly unbreakable passive (Break only makes Lina not gain stacks, but doesnt remove the already existing stacks) that is arguably one of the biggest steroids in the game. Her initial INT and long range Q means that Lina is very safe to pick for mid, while high initial INT + nuke + stun on W means that Lina carry punishes melee offlaners hard. Even if Lina goes mid, you might have poor itemization vs her as the items you build do counter the physical damage build (the preferred one) are very different from the ones to counter the spellcaster build (which, while weaker, is still useable and Lina has one of the strongest combos in the game). This gives a lot of uncertainty when dealing vs Lina.

                She is one of the best Gleipnir users in the game because her high AS from Fiery Soul makes it a quite decent extension from Maelstrom, while most carries would need to get Mjollnir and get zero utility, 0 MP and zero STR from it.

                Lina is definitely useable in lower ranks as well and I'd tell it is extremely frustrating vs one.


                  Well game is getting into stage of literally unplayable for old as veterans,there used to be frequent map change with roshpit moved.
                  Big as changes, heroes reworked,items removed -give as some back to have some fun.



                    Rosh Pit doesn't has to be moved every single patch/time like your beliefs EleGiggle

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                    Acid Snow

                      I see Lina picked/banned in almost every pro match I watch, she's going to get hit hard with the nerff-stick, that's guaranteed!