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archon is a new herald in General Discussion
Me and 4Heralds

    too many herald got archon after recalibration. support and hard support pick carry hero, mid afk farm got item and die without do anything. also legend are idiot

    Сигу в зубы и жму

      As if there ever was a difference

      legend = nEW herald

        45% winrate talking KEKW

        Me and 4Heralds

          @legend = nEW herald, just old account just play for fun with many abandon thats why


            How you even talk with 45% WR

            Me and 4Heralds

              @P9^ another idiot :D


                lol, you left 2 games and say something about others)))


                  average trash player on low mmr))

                  o`hanra hanrahan

                    Might be. But i just had a game where a Invoker mid goes 0/3 against a sniper and then just ragequits... what can you do. Its -27mmr guaranteed. Its impossible to win games in Archon. In Crusader its just the picks that are aids and cancer. But in Archon its beyond that, its griefing to another level. I honestly prefered Crusader, atleast they didnt ragequit at 6 minutes with going 0/3 against a sniper. Holy shit, fuck Archon bracket, literally cancer feels better then being in Archon i think. And no, i dont have a shitty 40% winrate, i have a 52% winrate so that shit is not it.