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Adaptive Items Powered by Dotabuff Builds

This fully adaptive module will give you the items, timings, and build path you need to enhance your Dota experience. Start each game with a game-aware build path, meaning it will account for your hero and the draft to make the best possible suggestions. The module highlights the next item for you to buy, giving you an estimate for when you should try to purchase the item. Don't like the recommendation or want to change things up? With the click of a button, the module will automatically regenerate a new build for you on the fly.

Draft Assistant Powered By Machine Learning

The Dotabuff App features a live draft advisor that provides you real time insights on the state of your drafts. At each stage of the draft, it suggests the best possible picks based on the meta, and your personal success with each hero. It uses data based on your skill, so you can play around the meta that’s developed at your level, and work with information truly relevant to the game you’re in.

Timing Coach Powered By Dotabuff Truesight

Tracks event timings for major objectives in a game of Dota such as bounty runes, Roshan, catapult spawns, neutral items, as well as opportune times to push towers, high ground, or smoke. Designed to help you keep up with the fast pace of modern Dota; tuned to your skill bracket to keep you ahead of the competition.

Power Spikes Powered By TrackDota Hero Analysis

Helps you track the relative strength of each hero in the game as well as the average strength of each team’s collective heroes. This module gives you the insight you need to plan for the game ahead by analyzing when your team will be the strongest, and when your team will plateau. Put together stronger game plans for games where you need to push aggressively or where you need to hold for the late game.

Item Builds Powered By Dotabuff Guides

Automatically draws item builds from the highest skill games on Dotabuff and shows you an item-by-item progression to follow while in-game. Great for players who are new to particular heroes or to help optimize your build path as you improve your game.

Ability Builds Powered By Dotabuff Guides

Draws data on the most successful ability builds from Dotabuff Guides and feeds it directly into your game. Build path recommendations are provided at each level, as well as for talent choices.

More Modules Always In Development!

The Dotabuff App is built to be modular. If you feel proficient in one area of your game and need help with another, you can select a different configuration of modules. We’ll continually be adding new features and modules to improve the experience and offer you a greater selection of ways to improve your game. Use the feedback form in the app to tell us what modules you’d like to see next!